Beatbox Academy

Beatbox Academy 2012

Beatbox Academy was tons of fun to make. Users are encouraged to create their own beat using their keyboards and three sets of cool beatbox sounds.

Designer: Jeremy Grice

  • W3 Awards 2013: Best in Show
  • Webby Awards 2012: Official Honoree
  • Lotus Awards 2012: Best Website/Microsite
  • Awwwards: Site of the Day November 4, 2012

Knoword 2010

Knoword is a fun, addictive word game. Players are given the first letter and dictionary definition of a word, and it is their mission to figure out what the word is.

Knoword has been featured on Netted by The Webbys, Lifehacker and The Next Web. Our iPhone app sat comfortably in the iTunes top 10 educational games for several months in 2011.

Guilt & Company

Guilt & Company 2013

If you're the coolest bar in town, it's only fitting that you have the coolest website in town as well. Visitors are able to scroll through a beautifully illustrated story and toggle between the moral and immoral versions of the tale on-the-fly.

Designer: José Rivas

  • Applied Arts 2014: Best Digital Single
Ink School

Ink School 2013

Created as a resource for aspiring and accomplished typographers alike, Ink School provides a fun and interactive walkthrough of the English alphabet.

Designer: Shon Tanner


Fishsticss 2013

Fishsticss is a tool made to convert antiquated CSS files to the cool, new LESS format. The tool also cleans up nasty CSS habits such as extreme indentation (or a lack thereof), and creates colour variables to keep stylesheets extra clean.

Tweet The Blues

Tweet The Blues 2012

In this promotion for Burnaby, BC's Blues and Roots Festival, we invited the public to tweet us their blues using the hash tag #tweettheblues. Chicago blues legend, Jimmy D. Lane then improvised a blues tune on the spot and we broadcasted the action live online for 3 days leading up to the festival.

Designer: Jeremy Grice

  • Lotus Awards 2012: Best Use of Social
Drinks From Summer Else

Drinks From Summer Else 2011

In order to promote JOEY Restaurants' summer drink menu, we created a twitter-based contest. Guests of the restaurant entered using the hashtag #JOEYDrinks and proceeded to spam their friends to garner retweets, pushing their taxi closer to the airport. The first entrant to reach the tarmac won a trip voucher.

Designer: Jeremy Grice

  • Lotus Awards 2011: Best Social Media Single or Campaign
Going Down on America

Going Down on America 2013

Canadian pop-punk band Seaway documented their first U.S. tour in Going Down on America, and I made some sweet titles for them. The video was produced, shot, and edited by YEAH! Films.

Filmmaker: Miguel Barbosa


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A fun, addictive word game that helps improve English vocabulary, spelling and typing skills.


Beatbox Academy

An elegant, engaging musical website that has garnered worldwide attention and praise.

Beatbox Academy

Guilt & Company

Visually stimulating and playful, this website offers a truly unique browsing experience with its stereoscopic graphic style.

Guilt & Company